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Adventureland Bouncy Castle Hire

What’s better than a Bouncy Castle with 1 slide?  A Bouncy Castle with 2 slides!!
The Adventureland Bouncy Castle is one of our bigger bouncy castles making it perfect for any event where you have large crowds to entertain. All your guests can enjoy this awesome amusement as it is strong enough to hold adults and children. 

Within the bouncy castle is a large bouncy area with a climbing wall in the middle which joins to the top level then it is a race down the slides on either side!!  

DOUBLE BOUNCE Package $745.00 for 3 hours.
$150 each additional hour
1 x Adventureland Bouncy Castle
1 x Bouncy Castle of your choice up to the value of $500*
FREE metro delivery, FREE set and pack down.


$545.00 for 3 hours, $110 for each additional hour.
1 x Adventureland Bouncy Castle 

* Adventureland not eligible as second Bouncy Castle choice with Double Bounce or BucknBounce package deal.

AGES: All ages

CAPACITY: 10-15 people at a time approx 144 per hour

OPERATION: Can be self-supervised or operators are available for $39 per hr

If self- supervising please click link to download:Adventure Land Operator Instructions

SPACE: 9mLx9mWx3.5mH flat cleared surface

ACCESS: 1m flat access

POWER: 1×10 amp power socket , within 25 m of unit, on its own circuit.

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