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Gladiator Duel Hire

This is the ultimate Gladiator Duel as you and your gladiator challenger are perched high above the ground.  Battle your friends to be crowned the ultimate gladiator. Participants can verse each other or get into teams and do the last man standing. Although this amusement looks easy, not only do you have to try and knock your opponent off of the pole, you also have to try and stay balanced yourself… not as easy as it seems. Be a real gladiator by stepping up to the challenge. A bucket of laughs and great for Team Building or Corporate event days.

 All our amusement rides include Free set up and pack down and Free metro delivery. 

TEAM CHALLENGE PACKAGE $1,300 for 3 hours (inc gst).  $265 each additional hour
1 x Gladiator Dual with operator
1 x Basketball Challenge or Soccer Challenge with operator
1 x Sumo Suits 
1 x FREE Pitcrew Challenge


$495 for 3 hours, $110 for each additional hour.(inc gst)
1 x Gladiator Dual with operator

For safety reasons the Gladiator Dual must be operated by a fully trained staff member.

AGES: 6 to Adult

CAPACITY: 2 people at a time approx 50 per hour

OPERATION: Can be self-supervised or operators are available for $39 per hr

If self- supervising please click link to download: Gladiator Duel Operator Instructions

SPACE: 6mLx6mWx2.8mH flat cleared surface

ACCESS: 1m flat access                                           

POWER: 1×10 amp power socket, within 25 m of unit, on its own circuit.

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