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Jumping Castles

Jumping Castles Hire Perth

Jumping castles in Perth are fun for people of all ages, from toddlers to adults. The jumping castle is such a popular item at birthday parties, graduations, holiday celebrations, school events, carnivals, festivals, fairs, corporate parties, bucks nights, hens nights, and much more. If you are organising an event, get a jumping castle for the participants.

What Kind of Jumping Castle Should You Get?

Since the jumping castle is available in many different makes, models, and styles, it depends what kind of event you are throwing. Here are some general tips and guidelines:

For a birthday party of children ages six months to five years old, you will need a jumping castle that is made specifically for toddlers. These units are built with several safety considerations for young children, such as a mesh surrounding that ensures little ones can’t fall out and hurt themselves. The mesh surrounding also makes it easy for parents and other adults to supervise what’s happening inside the jumping castle.

Another benefit of these units is that they have a protective roof. You won’t have to worry about your child getting sunburnt or too hot, and you also won’t have to worry about them getting wet from the rain. Even if your child is still crawling or just learned to walk, toddler castles are completely safe and easy for children to use. The foamed obstacles and balls for these units are another favourite among young children. We have a range of jumping castle hire in Perth suitable for toddlers- just ask!

If the party is for slightly older children, it’s best to choose a theme that they enjoy. Many little girls love our princess themed castle, which comes with a big slide and basketball hoop. If the celebration is for a boy, our huge car jumping castle is always a big hit. Both units are completely safe for children of a wide range of ages, from five all the way up to teenagers.

Another great option for children is one of our cartoon themed jumping castles. Whatever cartoon they are into, chances are that we have the perfect bouncy castle – we have some of the best jumping castles in Perth! Many of these units include detailed designs, obstacle courses, slides, and much more for hours of entertainment. Why not try our Inflatable Challenge? An obstacle course of a different kind and becoming one of the most popular jumping castle hire in Perth.

We even have jumping castles that are suitable for adults. These models are a little larger and have a big opening in the front for easy entering and exiting. You will feel just like a kid again as you spring off the floor and bounce into the soft, inflatable walls. Several people can fit in them at once, which just adds to the excitement.

These models are extremely popular for birthday parties, high school graduations, company events, hens nights, bucks nights, and much more. You may be surprised to find out when the jumping castle becomes one of the most talked about amusements at your entire event. Jumping castles are great for childrens’ parties as they are easy for adults to participate and play with the kids.

For more information about our Jumping Castle hire in Perth, contact us today.


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