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Laughing Clowns Game Small

What speaks traditional family Fairground fun more than the Laughing Clowns Game?  It’s a Carnival and Sideshow Alley favourite. The Laughing Clowns are the most popular attraction and have been delighting kids and adults for generations.

This game requires timing and concentration as you feed the balls into the clown’s mouth and attempt to line up a prize winning score. What’s the catch? Try to achieve one of the prize winning scores whilst the clown’s head is rotating side to side! 

PRICE: $440  for 3 hours, $110 for each additional hour.(inc gst)
Free Operator, Free set up and pack down, Free metropolitan delivery  
1 x Laughing Clowns Game                                                                         

OPTIONAL PRIZE PACKS: $132 for 25 prizes and tickets.
(suitable for 25 guests, give 1 ticket to each of your guests so they can win a prize!!)
If you have more than 25 guests then additional prize packs can be purchased.


Alternatively you can purchase toys  to suit your budget.
Small Prizes $2.20 each
Medium Prizes: $5.50 each.
Large Prizes: $22 each.

AGES: All ages

CAPACITY: 4 clowns at a time

OPERATION: 1 operator supplied.

SPACE: 6mLx5mWx2.6mH flat cleared surface

ACCESS:   Will require VEHICLE access

POWER: 1×10 amp power socket, within 25 m of unit, on its own circuit.

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