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Airdancer, Skydancer, Wavy Men Hire

Want to attract people to your event or perhaps you are opening a new store? Our Air Dancers, Sky Dancers, Wavy men are all brand new and sure to attract crowds as they catch public attention.  Our Dancing Men are bright, tall and will tower into the sky bringing people to your event!  

We have 2 new 6m high Airdancers 
plus 1 smaller “stumpy” Airdancer for your indoor event needs

PRICE: 1 day hire: $165 p/day     2-6 day hire: $132 p/day   7 day +hire: $110  p/day                                                                                                                              




SPACE: .5M Diameter x 6mH  flat cleared surface

ACCESS: 1m flat access

POWER: 1×10 amp power socket, within 25 m of unit, on its own circuit.

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