Kids Party Hire In Perth

Kid Activities in Parties

When it comes to planning kids parties in Perth, we understand how challenging it can be. You have to find a venue, organise the party, send out invitations, and much more. Whether it’s a birthday party or school celebration, the last thing you want is to let down any of the kids. You want your event to be entertaining and memorable.

At Air-Born Amusements we have all your Kids Party Hire in Perth covered! We’ve planned hundreds of kids activities in Perth for our clients. We have over 60 amazing items and many of them are suitable for children. From bumper cars and mini ferris wheel to merry go round and climbing walls, we have it all.

Organising an event for children is a tough job as there are many different elements to consider. Coordinating the party is also challenging but no need to worry. We have been helping people pull of amazing kids events for years and here are some of the key things we have learned.

Start by recording the age ranges of all children who will be at the event. There is a big difference between what a party looks like for 2 year olds and 14 year olds. If there will be children of many different ages at the party, it’s best to get a variety of amusements to suit them all.

Next, figure out what the kids are interested in. If they are obsessed with certain cartoons, then you can throw a themed party and incorporate that cartoon into the event. Our cartoon jumping castles are perfect for this. If they love sports, then a soccer challenge game or obstacle course is perfect.

Not quite sure of the theme? Air-Born Amusements can provide ideas and suggestions based upon the experience we’ve had in planning Kid’s parties. Our range of Kids Party hire in Perth will make it a one stop shop to entertain the little ones.

Kids’ Favourite Amusements

After providing amusements for thousands of events, we have learned a lot about which items are most popular among kids. If you are having a hard time deciding, here are a few to consider:

Toddler Town Bouncy Castle: If the event is for children between 6 months old and 5 years old, this castle is perfect. It’s soft and covered with a mesh surrounding so you can easily keep an eye on your little ones. This enclosure also prevents children from slipping off of the castle. The protective roof keeps kids safe from both the rain and the sun.

Giant Wave Slide: This huge slide allows two kids to use it at the same time. It’s inflatable, which makes it incredibly soft and completely safe. It’s suitable for a wide range of ages, which makes it perfect for events with small children all the way up to teenagers.

Obstacle Course: Kids between 3 and 100 really enjoy our obstacle courses. Two people compete against each other to see who can finish this challenging course first. It’s also perfect for large events as it’s quick to finish, so it can usually handle over 100 people per hour.

For more information about throwing the ultimate kids party, contact us today. We are more than happy to answer questions, provide additional information, make specific recommendations, and help you in any other way that we can.

For all your Kids Party Hire in Perth call Air-Born Amusements on 08 9399 4640.