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Mechanical bucking super bike hire perth
Available in red or blue

Vroom Vroom! Start your engines!!!
Our Mechanical Bucking Super Bikes are the only ones in Western Australia. They are available in two colours - Rossi Blue and Stoner Red. 
You've heard of Bucking Bulls, well these are Bucking Bikes. Take to the track on our mechanical Super Bikes! With their real bike tyres our GP Motor Bikes are super realistic. Come on, be one of the first in Perth to give them a crack! 
** The Superbikes are not suitable for all adults due to their weight restriction of 70kgs. **
All our amusement rides include GST, free set up/pack down and free metro delivery within 50 klms of Medina. 
Single Bike (Blue or Red)
$595 (3 hour hire) 
$125 each additional hour
1 x Mechanical Super Bike (your choice of Rossi Blue or Stoner Red)
Got a team of mates who want to race off against each other?  Challenge accepted with our twin bikes – ROSSI v STONER
Twin Bikes (both Blue & Red)
$990 (3 hour hire)
$250 each additional hour
Twin Mechanical Super bikes (hire both Rossi Blue and Stoner Red)

AGES: 2 to Small adult. Weight restriction of 70kgs
CAPACITY: 1 rider at a time. 60 per hour
OPERATION: 1 operator included in above prices
SPACE:  single bike 6mL x 6mW. Twin Bikes 12mL x 6mW
ACCESS:  1 metre flat access
POWER: single bike 1 x 10 amp power socket within 25m on it’s own unit
POWER: twin bikes require 2 x 10 amp power socket