Our Carnival 2 package has been designed to cater for all ages. Watch as little kids and big kids try their luck at our Laughing Clowns. Our deluxe twin mechanical bucking bulls are always lots of laughs for riders and spectators alike! The Wizard Castle is one of our biggest and therefore capable of handling large groups at a time.
We give you the option of having $500 worth of prizes (combination of small, medium and large prizes) with the Laughing Clown Game or if you prefer you can choose another Bouncy Castle up to $500 value.  
Carnival 2 hire price includes 3 friendly fully trained operators so you can relax whilst we look after your guests. We only require two volunteers to self supervise our Wizard Castle and Toddler Town


CARNIVAL 2 $3500 (3 hour hire)
Extra Hour $875
 + $150 extra hour Clown Van prizes
1 x Laughing Clown x 8 Game with operator
1 x Twin Deluxe Mechanical Bucking Bulls with operator
1 x Ferris Wheel with operator
1 x Happy Circus Combo
1 x Toddler Town Bouncy Castle
1 x $500 prize pack (choose $500 worth of small, medium & large prizes) or
choose any available Bouncy Castle up to $500 value

Deluxe Twin Bulls 03.17.jpg


AGES: All ages
SPACE: Please contact Office on 9399 4640 for space requirements
OPERATION: 6 Operators + 2 volunteers
POWER: Please contact Office on 9399 4640 for space requirements




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Toddlet Town Bouncy Castle Hire (4).JPG
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