·       An Adult must supervise this amusement at all times

  • ·       Place the operator at the entry point of the unit
  • ·       Have the participant’s line up in an orderly line
  • ·       Please ensure the participants have no: shoes, jewellery, glasses, food or drinks
  • ·       MAX Participants is: 10x Under 10 years old or 8x Over 10 years old
  • ·       Ensure participants are similar age height/weight
  • ·       Allow participants to enter the unit via designated entry point ONLY
  • ·       Do not allow participants to jump against the walls or bump into other participants
  • ·       Make sure that no-one is blocking entry / exit points
  • ·       Do not allow spectators to lean on the sides of the inflatable or be smoking
  • ·       Once the participants have finished their turn, they are to return to the end of the line