·        An Adult must supervise this amusement at all times

·        Place an operator at the start of the unit. (The start is the end with the two arches and the end is with the slide).

·        Have the participants lined up in two lines at the start of the unit.

·        Please ensure the participants have no: shoes, jewellery, glasses, food or drinks

·        MAX Participants is: 2 AT A TIME

·        Ensure participants are similar age height/weight

·        Allow participants to enter the unit via designated entry point ONLY

·        The operator at the start can send two people through at a time; it is a race to the end.

·         The operator at the end will let the operator at the start know when they have finished the course.

·        Do not allow participants to jump against the walls or bump into other participants

·        Make sure that no-one is blocking entry / exit points

·        Do not allow spectators to lean on the sides of the inflatable or be smoking

·        Once the participants have finished their turn, they are to return to the end of the line

Tips for Using this Awesome Rush Obstacle Course

Make sure that anyone who uses this inflatable takes off their shoes beforehand. This ensures that the inflatable doesn’t become torn or damaged. More importantly, you lose some of your speed and agility in an inflatable environment when you are wearing shoes or sandals. Going barefoot or wearing a pair of comfortable socks is much safer than trying to complete the obstacle course in clunky footwear.

For safety, make sure that both people ahead of you have finished the course before you enter. This ensures that no two people will collide during the course, which could cause an unnecessary injury. Furthermore, by only having one pair competing against each other at a time, they will get maximum traction on the course and can go all out. Besides, it’s fun to watch each person go through the course in its entirety.

Have the inflatable setup on solid ground. Don’t put it on hills, bumpy landscapes or anything with many potholes. Otherwise, it makes it hard to properly complete the obstacle course and challengers may not be able to go all out. Similarly, don’t place the inflatable obstacle course on top of puddles or water.