Amusement ride hire, BUCKING BULL hire and bouncy castle hire

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At Airborn Amusements we understand you want your event to be a great success and that means entertaining your guests. What speaks fun more than an amusement ride? Just what rides will suit your event will depend on a number of factors, including the number of kids/adults attending, their age range, space available and of course your budget. Airborn Amusements are your one stop hire shop for all different amusement rides including Mechanical Bucking Bull hire Perth, inflatable Bouncy Castle hire PerthWater Slide hire Perth and Obstacle Courses so you’re sure to find something to suit your event.

Organising a Carnival or Sideshow Alley theme? We have all the traditional family fairground fun rides that have been delighting family’s for generations. Rides like the Ferris Wheel, Merry Go Round, Turbo Tubs (tea cups), Bumper Cars and Laughing Clowns Van. We even have a Strongman Striker to test your strength against your friends. Our rides will form the centrepiece of your Festival, Fete or Fair. 

Our Mechanical Bucking Bulls, Mechanical Bucking Bikes and Mechanical Surfboard are suitable for all ages making them the ultimate party experience.
Airborn Amusements also supply Adult Rides and Adult Bouncy Castle hire Perth.
All our Mechanical Bucking rides include a friendly fully trained operator who will take care of set up, pack up and operation of the ride.


mechanical bucking super bikes $695 (3 hour hire) includes operator

mechanical bull $495 (3 hour hire) includes operator

mechanical surfboard $495 (3 hour hire) includes operator

merry go round $880 (3 hour hire) includes operator

roller track $220 (3 hour hire)

obstacle course $495 (3 hour hire includes operator

bungee slam dunk $440 (3 hour hire)

SUMO SUITS $330 (3 hour hire)

lOST TEMPLE $595 (3 hour hire)

cannonball blaster $495 (3 hour hire)

giant wave slide $440 (3 hour hire)

princess bouncy castle $440 (3 hour hire)

toddler town bouncy castle $200 package price

BEACH bouncy castle $200 package price

cars adventure bouncy castle $440 (3 hour hire)

junior princess bouncy castle $200 package price

clown dunk tank $445 (3 hour hire)

dunk tank $445 (3 hour hire) 


HENS NIGHT ADULT RIDES $495 (3 hour hire) incl operator

CLIMBING WALL see more info for pricing


AIR DANCER $165 1 day hire

deluxe mechanical single bucking bull $645 (3 hour hire) includes operator

bucking bull $495 (3 hour hire) includes operator

human gyroscope $880 (3 hour hire) includes operator

turbo tubs $880 (3 hour hire) includes operator

roller balls - See more info for pricing

assault course $495 (3 hour hire) includes operator

BOUNCY BOXING RING $385 (3 hour hire)

gladiator duel $495 (3 hour hire) includes operator

WIZARD CASTLE $545 (3 hour hire)

SAFARI ADVENTURE BUS $495 (3 hour hire)

gIANT SLIDE $495 (3 hour hire)

velcro fly wall $440 (3 hour hire)

CARTOON bouncy castle $200 package price

ROYAL BOUNCY CASTLE $200 package price

cars bouncy castle $385 (3 hour hire)

superheroes bouncy castle $200 package price

laughing clowns x 8 $495 (3 hour hire) incl operator

balls in buckets $385 (3 hour hire)

BUCKS NIGHT ADULT RIDES $495 (3 hour hire) incl operator

FERRIS WHEEL $880 (3 hour hire) includes operator

BASKETBALL CHALLENGE $385 (3 hour hire)

twin mechanical bucking bull $770 (3 hour hire) includes operator

trackless train $990 (3 hour hire) includes operator 

bumper cars $880 (3 hour hire) includes operator

SAFARI ADVENTURE BUS $495 (3 hour hire)

roller barrier $220 (3 hour hire)

INFLATABLE CHALLENGE $495 (3 hour hire) includes operator

bungee joust hire.jpg

 Bungee run joust combo $440 (3 hour hire) 

LADDER CHALLENGE $385 (3 hour hire) 

adventureland bouncy castle $545 (3 hour hire)

TENT HIRE $220 (3 hour hire)

SlipnSlide $495 (3 hour hire)

andy android bouncy castle $200 package price 

girls rock bouncy castle $200 package price

blue bouncy castle $200 package price

pit crew challenge $385 (3 hour hire)

captain cook bouncy castle $545 (3 hour hire)

laughing clowns x 4

laughing clowns X 4 $440 (3 hour hire) incl operator

Strongman Striker 7.jpg

STRONGMAN STRIKER $440 (3 hour hire)



Soccer Challenge

SOCCER CHALLENGE $385 (3 hour hire)