Strongman Striker
Kids Hulk Smash Striker

Kids Hulk Smash Striker


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strongman striker HIRE PERTH

Having a carnival or sideshow alley theme for your next event?  Roll up, Roll up to the most popular carnival game of them all – the Strongman Striker. 
This always gathers a crowd! Test your strength against your friends or workmates.
Roll up your sleeves and have a bash. See how high you make the token go!
The Strongman Striker hire is the best addition to any carnival themed party or rowdy Bucks night crowd. Little children love to show up dad with our miniature version of the Strongman Striker. Plus, our Kids Hulk Smash Striker comes with 50 small prizes. Hulk Smash Striker is suitable for ages 2 - 8 only. It is 2.1 metres tall.
All our amusement rides include GST, free pack up/set down and free metropolitan delivery within 50 kms of Medina.
$595 (3 hour hire) $150 each additional hour
1 x Strongman Striker 
1 x Operator

$550 (3 hour hire) $150 each additional hour
1 x Kids Hulk Smash Striker
1 x Operator
50 small prizes
$1000 (3 hour hire) $300 each additional hour  
1 x Strongman Striker
1 x Kids Hulk Smash Striker
2 x operators
50 small prizes

SPECIFICATIONS for Strongman Strikers
AGES (Adult Strongman Striker): 5 - adult
AGES: (Hulk Smash kids Striker) 2 - 8 years only
CAPACITY: 1 player at a time
OPERATION: Comes with fully trained operator
SPACE: Strongman Striker 6mL x 4mW x 5.5mH  
SPACE: Kids Hulk Smash Striker 2.1mH
ACCESS: 1m flat cleared access
PRIZES: Included with Kids Hulk Smash only. Prizes extra for adult Strongman Striker